Coronavirus Test Story

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This story is made for kids or other individuals who need a little help preparing for what to expect when they need to get a Coronavirus test.  We know that being proactive and prepping ahead of time can help reduce anxiety for a lot of kids. Please feel free to print or send this story to anyone who might benefit from it.  In addition, there are social stories about what Coronavirus is, wearing masks, and seeing other people wearing masks.

Why Is A COVID Test Difficult For Autistic Children?

Getting a COVID test done is difficult for any child. But, when you factor in the sensory differences with autism, this test can be extremely stressful. Often, children with autism are hypersensitive to touch. So, sticking a swab in their nose can feel even more painful than it does to those of us who are neurotypical. Another issue is that young autistic children thrive on routine. Going to the doctor’s office is not part of their typical routine, and anxiety will already be high. In order to ease this anxiety, be sure to bring along some favorite little toys, food, or activities. This can help redirect their attention to something familiar. If you do this, in addition to preparing them with a social story, you will be more likely to reduce stress for them.

this story will help children who need to get a coronavirus test



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  1. Hi, this is a great srory for kids during these times . Can we get an arabic version done? I can help with the translation.

  2. These are amazing stories! The coronavirus story in the picture has the word test after coronavirus but not in the download. Is there somewhere I could get the updated one with the word test on the first page? Thank you again for these. This will help a lot with transition back to school.