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Episode 23: 5 Ways To Prepare Your Autistic Child For Kindergarten

Show Notes: If you are a parent of an autistic child, big transitions, like the transition to Kindergarten probably strike fear into you.  Take a deep breath, and listen to today’s episode for 5 ways to prepare your child for a smoother transition. In This episode, you will learn 5 ways to create a smoother transition to kindergarten for your autistic child.

  • Visit the school’s playground over the summer
  • Put together a social story
  • Create an “All About Me” document
  • Practice adaptive skills
  • Meet the teacher and visit the classroom

Links mentioned in this episode about kindergarten transition:

Episode 2: Visuals & Autism – 3 Tips To Take Action

Show Notes: Let’s talk about visual supports and autism.  Educators and parents are told to “use visual supports” and there is a good reason why.  They are an evidence-based strategy for autistic children!  However, it can be difficult to navigate the countless visuals that pop up in a Google search.  Which visual strategies are proven to work?  Which visuals should I create for my autism classroom?  Where do I start with visuals for autism at home?

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • Where to find a free set of visual supports that work
  • How to use an “all done bucket”
  • 3 Tips for implementing a new visual support

Links Mentioned In This Episode About Visual Supports: 

Episode 2 transcript here.

Episode 3: 5 Visuals For An Autism Classroom

I shared 5 of my favorite visuals supports to start with in an autism classroom.  They work at home too!  Stop reinventing the wheel and try these visuals that are tried and true and have stood the test of time.

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • 5 different visual supports for autism
  • Why each of these visual supports are valuable
  • How to implement these visuals with autistic children

Links Mentioned In This Episode About Visual Supports: 

Episode 3 transcript here.

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