Winter Break Social Story

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Free Social Story To Support Parents

Help prepare your student or child for winter break with this short and sweet social story for children with autism and other disabilities. Actually, this story is for any young child who benefits from being prepared for changes in their routine!  You can download the free story for school, and to send a copy home with your students.  The Visual Supports Starter Set  complements this story because the visual schedule and visual supports help families structure time at home during these non-school days.  If you are looking for some free activities to send home for parents to use over winter break, check out this blog post titled:  7 Language Based Winter Activities For Preschoolers With Autism.

a story that explains winter break to young children

Click here for Winter Break Social Story

visual schedule also prepares children for what to expect during their day. In addition, a visual communication book helps pre-verbal or non-speaking autistic children. It allows them to learn to effectively communicate with others using a visual modality. Both of these are ways of teaching children with autism using best practice strategies.

Don’t forget to grab the free Visual Supports Starter Set.  This resource has been downloaded and used by over 3,000 educators and parents, with amazing results!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. I have a student that always goes to the front of the line, not necessarily the first person, but he butts in line. Do you have a social story that deals with something like that. Not butting in line or something. Also one about picking your nose. I have found your social stories I have printed very beneficial. Thank you so so much1