When Can I Stop Wearing A Mask Story

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A parent of a former student contacted me this weekend and asked if I could help her.  Her son, who is now in his 20’s, has been asking her several times a day “When can I stop wearing a mask?”.  Since none of us know the answer to that, it is hard to prepare our students and children.  So, I made this story for them and a visual support that can be printed and put up on the refrigerator or wall.  I’m hoping that the visual support will reduce the repetitive questioning on this topic.  Instead, he will be able to go check the picture on the wall or fridge!

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  1. I LOVE all of these social stories. Would you ever consider making one about telling emotions of others while wearing a face mask? Like by listening to the tone of voice, looking at body language, looking at the person's eyes, etc.?

    1. That's a great idea:). I will put it on my list and hopefully it is something I can offer in the future!