Wearing Shoes Social Story

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a social story about wearing shoes at school for autistic children and visual cue cards to go with it

Have you been looking for a “wearing shoes” social story for your classroom? Many times, autistic children have sensory differences that make them extra sensitive to touch. This includes shoes. Unfortunately, as educators, it can be out of our hands when it comes to deciding if going sock-foot is an option. When I was working at the elementary level, I had a super understanding and accomodating principal. She understood that my students often learned best if they didn’t have to deal with the sensory issues related to wearing shoes. However, this is not the norm. Most schools don’t allow students to walk around in their socks in the classroom. So, this “wearing shoes” social story can be used as one tool to help establish the routine of keeping shoes on.

Click here to download the free story.

Be sure to read these blog posts about self-regulation for more information on sensory differences and autism. It is also important to talk to each child’s occupational therapist. They will help you come up with ideas to help too! This article by Special Kids Company gives some helpful tips about wearing shoes and autism.

If you are looking for visuals and activities to help your students with self-regulation, check out this preschool self-regulation activities resource.

Also, the new Visual Supports Starter Set is free. Just follow the link, sign up, and it will be emailed to you!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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