Tips for Distance Learning Story

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I’ve written another FREE story to help children, teachers and families that may be struggling with some aspects of distance learning.  This story was inspired by teacher Jen Ruskowski.  She wrote to me asking if I could help write a story for a student who needed some tips:).  From what I’ve seen and heard online, I think these may be common issues families and teachers are having right now.  I hope this helps!  Thank you so much Jen Ruskowski!!!

Click here for Tips for Distance Learning story

Click here for Spanish version

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  1. Thanks Tara,
    My school nurse shared your stories she bought from you on what is corona virus and distance learning for the rest of the school year. I shared them with my students' families as well. Love the Distance Learning for teachers as well- hilarious and true! Thanks for understanding us. I'll difinitely be visiting your site again!

  2. Oh! By the way, our own speech therapist has a youtube channel where she is creating and sharing links to her communication boards and tutorial videos on how to use them at home. Its called "Speech and Language and Communication, oh my! Just had to promote her as well! 🙂