Teachers Winter Break Visuals!

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Teachers are so stressed in the days leading up to winter break.  We all count down the days!  Here is a free visual support that you can print for yourself and your teacher besties.  Choose your own adventure, and hand them out like candy to your colleagues.  They make a nice suprise on a teacher’s desk.  Don’t forget to download the free “winter break” social story to send home with your students.

If you are a parent, I’ve got you covered too!  By the end of winter break, parents often count down the days until their kids are back in school.  I’ve included a special parent version just for you.

It takes a village my friends.  Hang in there!

funny visual supports with first-then boards and choices for winter break

CLICK HERE for the teachers & parents winter break visuals.

You can also help prepare your student or child for winter break with this short and sweet social story for children with autism and other disabilities. Actually, this story is for any young child who benefits from being prepared for changes in their routine!   The Visual Supports Starter Set will complement this story because the visual schedule and visual supports will help support families to structure time at home during these non-school days.  If you are looking for some free activities to send home for parents to use over winter break, you can print this blog or share this blog post:  7 Language Based Winter Break Activities For Preschoolers With Autism.

In addition, here is a fun little gift for when it comes time for summer vacation!

Click here for FREE teacher visual supports for summer!
a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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