Taking A Break Social Story


Teaching children with autism and other special needs about taking a break using a social story is so helpful. It can provide information about what to do when they are feeling overwhelmed or dysregulated. It’s a skill that is often an IEP goal for many young autistic children. Teaching children how to recognize their emotions can take time. It also takes time to teach strategies for self-regulation. This preschool self-regulation activities resource has numerous activities and visuals to support you in teaching these. Remember to introduce the story when the child is in a calm, stable functioning state. It will be easier for them to access the skills when they have been practiced proactively. Be sure to read these blog posts about self-regulation for more information.

Download the free Taking A Break Social Story here.

A “taking a break” social story alone, won’t solve all of the issues when it comes to self-regulation. It is so important to consult with an occupational therapist about possible sensory differences and supports. It is equally important to talk to your student’s parents, as they will have the best insight into what motivates and regulates their child. The replay of my latest FB Live on the topic of self-regulation can be viewed below. It is titled “Self Regulation And Emotions In Young Autistic Children: 5 Tips To Help!”. Hopefully, this can help a bit too!

Also, the new Visual Supports Starter Set is also free. Just follow the link, sign up, and it will be emailed to you!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for everything you post and create. It is so helpful for my K/1 special education classroom. I am looking for the deep breathing visual with the flower and candle you showed during the “5 tips” talk. I can’t find it anywhere. I would be happy to purchase it if needed.