Social Story About Touching Others

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A social story about touching others has been on my “list to make” for a while now. A lot of teachers and parents have requested it. I have a student right now who loves to hug and kiss everyone. I love that he is affectionate. It’s so sweet! However, it’s time to address the topic of consent. This story talks about asking to touch others and that we all have the right to say “no” to being touched. A visual cue card is also included with this free resource. As always, be sure to go to Carol Gray’s website to learn more about social stories and how to individualize them for your child or students.

image of a children's social story  about touching others that says "touching other people" on the cover

Click here for the free social story about touching others.

Be sure to check out the full Social Story Library by clicking here.

Also, if you use visual supports at home or in your classroom, check out this free Visual Supports Starter Set! In this pdf, you will find 6 visual supports that you can download and print to get going.

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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