Are you using social stories for your child at home yet? You may think social stories are only for school, but they aren’t! Social stories are an evidence-based intervention for individuals with autism. This means that research shows that social stories work!

Carol Gray developed “social stories” in 1990. Her work as a pioneer in the field of autism is highly respected. To read more, learn about her resources, or sign up for a training, click here.

This list includes social stories that are useful in the home setting. For the full list of all of the Autism Little Learners social stories, click here.

To read more about how to write a social story, check out this article from Autism Parenting Magazine!

Alphabet Potty Book

Being In The Hospital

Calming Corner Story

Cancer Stories

Death Of Pet

Earthquake Story

Easter Bunny Story

Eating At The Table

Getting A Haircut

Getting In The Car Cue Cards

Going For Walks

Going On An Airplane

Going To A Birthday Party

Going To Kindergarten

Going To School

Going To The Doctor

Going To The Store Cue Cards

Holding Hands (Elopement)

How To Calm My Body

Keeping My Clothes On

Losing A Tooth

Mom Is Having A Baby

My Family Is Moving

My Friend Has A Cast


Picking My Nose

Sesame Street Characters Peeing In Potty


Separation Anxiety

Someone I Love Died

Spring Break


Touching Other People

Transitioning To a New School

Trick or Treating

Visiting Santa

Watching Fireworks

Wearing A Mask On An Airplane

Wearing Headphones