Separation Anxiety Social Story For School

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 Coming back to school after being off for a while due to summer or winter break can be a difficult transition for children with autism.  Little ones thrive on routine, so changing the routine can bring up a lot of anxiety.  This separation anxiety social story is meant to help prepare young children with autism for coming back to school after being at home for a longer period of time.  I hope it helps your students and children!

separation anxiety social story

Click here for Separation Anxiety Social Story for School

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  1. I have a suggestion for the separation anxiety for going back to school. I suggest putting a school bus in august he story to say my bus driver will pick me up to take me to school safely . Then my bus driver will pick me up at school and take me back home to my mom or dad. My son gets scared about getting on the bus and will say “ will mis patty bring me back home to you ? So I add this into the story even tho there isn’t a bus in the story.

    1. Sara,
      Great idea! I love that you adapted the story to meet your son’s needs…so awesome!

  2. I love these social stories! I noticed some of your other stories come in different languages. I was wondering if this story had a Spanish version.