Safety Preparation Stories

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I am proud to share the stories that were developed in collaboration with the Institute of Childhood Preparedness to help prepare children for safety drills.  It is very important to be proactive in preparing children for drills, such as fire drills, tornado drills and active shooter drills (among other safety drills).  The “Bees To A Beehive” Story is for an active shooter drill.  It is geared toward young children and I absolutely love it!  Andrew Roszak is the Executive Director for the Institute of Childhood Preparedness.  He and I collaborated to create books for children with autism (and really ANY child) to help prepare them ahead of time for the changes in routine that come with any of these safety drills.  We are happy to offer them for free.  We will be working on the following additional safety preparation books in the near future:  earthquake drill, hurricane drill and bus drill.  Please check out the Institute for Childhood Preparedness website for a wealth of information, ideas and resources: You can also register for and watch a FREE course titled:  Protecting Children:  Using Social Stories to Introduce Concepts and Emergency Preparedness Drills through the Institute For Childhood Preparedness.  Link here >

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      I don’t right now, but I will put that topic on my list for possible future stories.