Riding the Bus During COVID-19

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We don’t know exactly what riding the bus to and from school will look like when school starts for the 2020-2021 school year, but it is really sounding like there will be some changes.  I put together this story to explain some of the possible changes.  As we get closer to the school year starting, I will make additional pages and uploaded the revisions if needed.  Please note:  this story has two versions…one version has children wearing masks and the other version does not.

Click here for riding the bus during COVID-19 story

Click here for bus story in French

Click here for bus story in Turkish

Click here for riding the bus story in Spanish

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  1. I am an OT and an owner of a NON-profit Special Needs Organization. I work with many children on the Autism Spectrum and this is very useful information. Thank you very much.