Putting A Mask On My Toys Story

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Hi everyone! Here is a free resource I made for young children. This story is for young children. It can help familiarize them with masks during this time of COVID-19 with a little story about putting a mask on stuffed animals, dolls and toys and playing peek-a-boo with them. It also talks about playing peek-a-boo with family members with a mask. In addition, there is a teddy bear, bunny, doll and car that can be cut out along with a mask to cut out and put on those “toys”. There are 5 coloring pages with pictures/scenes with masks being worn.

Click here for Putting Masks on My Toys Story

Click here for Putting Masks on My Toys Story Chinese Version

Click here for Putting Masks on My Toys Story Afrikaans

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  1. This social story encouraging medical play for coping just makes this child life specialist's heart happy. But seriously, thank you for sharing all these wonderful resources. I also appreciate that you take the overwhelming concept of COVID and separate it into specific and manageable resources about topics and concerns that actually affect children themselves.

    Thank you,
    Regina, a grateful child life specialist in Wisconsin
    (and my sister who is an elementary school teacher was the person that directed me to your website)

  2. Love your social stories. I have a family whose teenaged nonverbal autistic son is looking at mom like she's crazy with all the temperature taking everywhere he goes. Previously, he learned that his temp is taken to see if he's sick. He actually said on his AAC device "I not sick" when presented with the head thermometer at a therapy office. Could you make a "we take our temperature" social story for our kiddos who aren't understanding all this temp taking. It's hard for adults too! Thanks.

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