Visual Schedule For Special Education


Are you tired of the boring boardmaker symbols on your visual schedules? If you are like me, you want something brighter, cuter, and more accurate! This visual schedule resource for special education and autism won’t disappoint. It will help you stay organized and develop a consistent routine and system that will help your students become more independent in the classroom.


This huge set of visuals is full of adorable images, along with easy-to-follow directions for setting up visual schedules in the classroom. This comprehensive set includes the following:

► 103 1.5 inch pictures for visual schedules

► 103 2.0 inch pictures for visual schedules

► 103 half sheet size pictures to place at locations in the classroom and building (these are used to match the smaller pictures to, and this concept is explained in the resource)

► 103 7.5 x 2.25 images to use for a larger class visual schedule

► change cards to go on the visual schedule, with instructions for use

► “checkmark” pictures to use to prompt children to check their schedule

► first-then boards & first-then-next boards (with information about how to use them)

► blank horizontal & vertical visual schedule templates

► photos of portable visual schedules to use in the general ed classroom

► list of supplies (with links) needed to assemble your own visual schedules

Pictures included in this resource: Adapted Phy-ed, After School Care, Art, Assembly, Backpack, Ball Pit, Bathroom, Blue Table, Book Area, Break, Breakfast, Brown Table, Brush Teeth, Bus, Cafeteria, Calendar, Car, Carpet Time, Change, Choice, Circle Time, Class Party, Classroom, Clean Up, Coloring, Computer Lab, Cooking, Craft, Desk Work, Earthquake Drill, Fidget Toys, Field Trip, Fire Drill, Games, Green Table, Group Time, Gym, Hallway, Hang Up, Home, Independent Work, Library, Line Up, Listening Center, Literacy Stations, Lunch, Math, Medicine, Message, Morning Meeting, Morning Work, Music, Nurse’s Office, OT, Office, Orange Table, PECS Book, PT, Partner Work, Pink Table, Play, Play Area, Playdough, Playground, Purple Table, Puzzle, Reading, Red Table, Resource Room, Rest Time, School, Science, Sensory Bin, Sensory Room, Sensory Table, Sharing Time, Small Group, Snack, Social Studies, Speech Therapy, Spelling, Story, Swing, Table Work, Tablet, Task Boxes, Teacher Time, Tornado Drill, Trampoline, Walk, Wash Hands, Weather, Whiteboard, Writing, Yellow Table, Yoga


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