Riding The Bus Social Story & Visual Supports


Are you looking for social stories and visual supports to make the transition to and from the school bus easier for your students with autism and other developmental disabilities?

This jam-packed resource will provide you with a variety of visual supports to support your students with common issues when it comes to the bus. Whether it is transitioning to and from the bus, or challenges they face on the bus, this set of visual supports has you covered.

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* This product is a downloadable pdf – you will have immediate access after purchasing

The following resources are included in this set:

→ Social Stories – there are 2 social stories included in this resource. One is for riding the bus to school and the other is for riding the bus home. The pages are not numbered so that you can choose which pages apply best to your student and your school.

→ Autism Little Learners Mini-Stories – these 16 stories are each half a page, with a few sentences about the topic or skill and a couple of images to support the topic. These are meant for quick and easy reference when transitioning to/from the bus or on the bus. It can be difficult to read a social story and turn pages while transitioning, so these will be quick and easy to use and refer to.

→ Visual Cue Cards – this set of 48 visual cue cards were put together based on issues that educators wrote to me about. Some of these cue cards include what “not do do”. For example, “no spitting” and “no hitting”. I typically stay away from creating too many visual supports that tell what ”not” to do. This is because, in a situation where a child is spitting on the bus, a picture of “no spitting” is not going to solve the issue. The team needs to look further at what the child is trying to communicate, or what sensory issues may be causing the spitting. A visual support alone is not the answer. So, I encourage you to explore the FUNCTION of the behavior further through a functional behavior assessment or some type of analysis to figure out why the behavior is happening.

→ First – Then Boards – I’ve included 1 first-then board and 1 first-then-next board. These can be used with the visual cue cards to create your own sequence for your students.

→ Errorless Activities – there are 5 errorless activities where children can place the buses on the road, put the children on the bus seats, put the seatbelts on the children, etc… These are fun little activities to familiarize little ones with the bus routine in a different way.

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    Hello, I purchased this and one other social story and I can’t see where to download it

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      Hi there! I emailed you with the links:)

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