Exclamatory Sounds Flashcards



Are you wondering where to start teaching expressive vocabulary to young autistic children who are non-speaking? Exclamatory words are the place to start!

Exclamatory sounds/words are sounds that children often imitate before saying their first words. They are sounds that can be full of emotion, like “oh no!” and “uh-oh” and often encourage joint attention. In addition to exclamatory sounds, children also imitate animal sounds, symbolic sounds, and environmental sounds before saying words.

For many children, using these sounds during play and everyday activities can be the most meaningful. These cards can be used as a visual support while playing. For other children, who love predictability and repetition, these can be put together as a small book or on a ring. They can be presented one by one and the adult can make each exclamatory sound (be fun and show lots of emotion!). This can be a fun activity in itself!

This set includes 32 exclamatory sound flashcards and 2 datasheets for them. There is also a blank datasheet, in case you want to write in your own exclamatory sounds.


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