Canadian Version – Autism Educational Assistant Handbook (digital download)


Are you training new educational assistants this school year? Training support staff is an ongoing process.   I put the most important and relevant information for working with young autistic children together in an educational assistant handbook. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel..this is just what you need!

In this 60-page handbook, you will be able to pick and choose the information that you want to share with your educational assistants. You can start with the most important topics and skills for your classroom and add to them throughout the year. It’s a great way to provide ongoing training. For example, start with 15 pages at the beginning of the school year and add a few new pages each month. Each topic is easy to digest with simple bullet points. You can extend the conversation from there if needed.

This is a digital download, not a shipped physical handbook.

► The topics include:

What is Autism?

The Neurodiversity Movement

The infinity symbol vs puzzle piece

Indicators of Autism

Roles of a special education teacher and related service providers

Ethical responsibilities

Parts of an IIP

Our beliefs

Data collection

Presuming competence


Gestalt language

Eye contact

Relationship first

Be proactive


Less talking



Carrying kids


Hand under hand

Wait time


All done bucket

Wait mat

Start chart

Visual schedule

Transition object

Special interests

Supporting play



Behaviour plans




Glossary of terms

 Extra page for you to add your own topics and information for the handbook

► Quote posters to post around your room to provide motivation and reminders to all staff





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