Autism Para Training Video Series – No Handbook


Introducing our comprehensive and essential three-part video series: “Understanding Autism: A Guide for Paraprofessionals & Other Support Staff.” Designed specifically for paraprofessionals, paraeducators, and educational assistants working with young autistic children, this series is your ultimate resource for building a strong foundation in supporting young autistic children.

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, we understand the challenges that come with supporting students on the autism spectrum. That’s why we’ve meticulously compiled the most important and relevant information, creating a video series that will empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to make a significant impact in the lives of these little learners.

The series covers a wide range of critical topics, including:

  1. Understanding Autism: Delve into the fundamentals of autism, exploring its characteristics and how it impacts the lives of individuals. Gain insights into the neurodiversity movement, embracing a more inclusive perspective on autism.
  2. Responsibilities and Roles: Learn about the crucial role paraprofessionals play in the education and support of autistic students. Understand the roles of special education teachers and related service providers in creating a supportive environment.
  3. Implementing Effective Strategies: Discover evidence-based strategies to foster a positive and nurturing learning environment for autistic children. From data collection and presuming competence to supporting play and managing behaviors, this part of the series equips you with practical techniques to facilitate growth and development.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Identifying indicators of autism, aiding early recognition and intervention.
  • Strategies for communication, including echolalia and gestalt language.
  • Promoting meaningful relationships, focusing on relationship-first approaches.
  • Proactively managing challenges such as transitions, toileting, and dependency.
  • Utilizing visual supports, AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), and visual schedules for enhanced learning experiences.
  • Strategies for self-regulation and coregulation to prevent meltdowns

► Specific topics included:

What is autism? The Neurodiversity Movement, The infinity symbol vs puzzle piece, Indicators of autism, Roles of a special education teacher and related service providers, Parts of an IEP, Our beliefs, Data collection, Presuming competence, Echolalia, Gestalt language, Eye contact, Relationship first, Be proactive, Transitions, Less talking, Dependance, Toileting, Carrying kids, Prompting, Hand under hand, Wait time, AAC, All done bucket, Wait mat, Start chart, Visual schedule, Transition object, Special interests, Supporting play, Behavior, Meltdowns, Behavior plans, Sensory, Coregulation, Self-Regulation

This video series will be the first step in becoming equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to support and empower autistic children in reaching their full potential.

NOTE:  This does not include the Para Handbook.  If you would like to provide handbooks to your staff, please click here.

Terms Of Use:

  • you may use the link to the video series to train support staff for one classroom/program (it is okay to send the link to those paras/educational assistants/support staff to view )
  • please do not share this link with other teachers or classrooms, but rather refer them to Autism Little Learners to purchase their license
  •  your district would like to buy multiple licenses at a discount or a site license, please have them contact Tara at




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