Autism At School: 4 Shifts We Need To Make Webinar Replay


Description: Purchase this webinar replay so you have it forever. That way, you can watch it with your team. “Autism at School: 4 Shifts We Need to Make” touches on some of the changes that are happening in the field of autism. Learn more about gestalt language processors, and continue to discuss as a team. Navigate the topic of multimodal communication and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) together. Then, use the multi-modal checklist to brainstorm and plan for individual students. Embrace a paradigm shift towards strength-based learning, tapping into the unique abilities and passions of each autistic child. Finally, explore the realm of autistic play, discovering how to create an environment that supports them, as well as strengthens the relationship between the child and the adults who care for them. Catch the replay now and embark on a journey of positive change!

What you get: a link to the replay that never expires and links to the handouts mentioned in the webinar.



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