Autism And Toilet Training Visual Supports


If you work on toilet training with young children (neurotypical or with autism or developmental disabilities), you NEED THIS!! As I searched for toileting visual supports for my classroom and to give to parents, I quickly discovered that good resources were lacking. I’m SO excited to finally release this toileting resource that I worked so hard to create. I had custom clipart made so I could be VERY clear in the social stories and visual supports. The stories and supports have a picture for EACH step: pull down pants, pull down underwear, sit on the toilet (stand to pee for boys), get toilet paper, underwear up, pants up. I had pictures made with pee IN the toilet and poop IN the toilet. This is because we need to be clear when showing autistic children what is supposed to happen in the toilet. Any of the visual supports/activities can be printed and shared with parents for the home setting.


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This comprehensive resource includes:

4 stories with each step in the toileting sequences (2 boys and 2 girls with a variety of skin colors)

1 story about wearing underwear

4 visual sequences for the toileting routine

3 visual sequences for the washing hands sequence (1 for school, 2 different options for home)

12 toileting vocabulary flashcards

3 interactive visual books (remove pictures to match inside the books)

2 stories about pooping in the potty

2 first-then boards with 24 pictures to use on the first-then board (example and instructions included regarding how to use with toilet training)

3 matching activities (1 for toileting, 1 for washing hands, 3 for wearing underwear)

1 bathroom picture scene with 9 one-step directions and 18 two-step directions

1 page of pictures for children to use to request the bathroom

1 page of recommendations for toilet training books and resources

4 social stories for sitting on the toilet

Visual sequences for sitting on the toilet

Visual cue cards for sitting on the toilet

Paw Patrol “wearing underwear” story

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