Playground Visuals

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These free playground visuals will help when there is rain, snow, cold or stormy weather that forces the dreaded “indoor recess”. It is important to prepare our students for a change in schedule. Keep these visual cue cards on a ring by the door so they will be easy to access.

a hand holding 3 cards showing rain and an "X" over the playground. Text "playground visual cue cards"

Click here to download the free playground visuals.

Head over and listen to the podcast episodes on this topic of visual supports on The Autism Little Learners Podcast! Search for episodes 2 and 3.

If you use visual supports in your classroom or home, you are going to want to sign up to have this free Visual Supports Starter Set emailed to you. Click here to read more, and sign up.

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. I live in Texas and we cannot go outside if the feels like is over 95. Would you be able to do a too hot outside?

    1. Hi Jeanine!

      I just went in and added that for you:). If you re-download, it will be there! Every once in a while that happens to us during summer school in Minnesota!

  2. We live in Toronto and our yard is often iced over due to the change in temp. Is it possible to get a visual that also says “Too icy.”?