3 Tips To Rock Your Online Speech Therapy Sessions!

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Preschool Distance Learning Ideas
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You guys … the struggle is real!  Are you teaching preschoolers online?  Do you need ideas for online activities for preschool students?!

How on earth do you engage preschoolers online for speech therapy and special education 1:1 sessions in a fun and engaging way, while still addressing their IEP goals?!  Let’s face it, I’ve had many students literally walk away from the screen. LOL! I’ve had several months of modifying and figuring out which speech therapy activities work best to engage children online.  I wanted to share 3 things that have started to work really well for me.  Maybe they will work for you too!

1.  When doing online speech therapy for kids, read a book to your student OR listen to a story on YouTube.  Honestly, I’ve had better luck finding a story on YouTube that is engaging, and sharing my screen so we can watch/listen together.  This way, I can pause the story and ask questions.  For example, I will pause and say “how does the turkey feel?!”, and they either answer or I prompt them and then I unpause the video and keep going.  I’ve also had success when I move my cursor in a circle around what I want the child to look it.  It does tend to help draw their attention to what I’m asking them to label or describe!  

Use a story from YouTube

2.  Choose a book that you have already researched and found a book companion activity for. I prefer Boom Cards™for the book companion when online teaching because I can share it on my screen and my students think it’s a “game”! 😂.  The other AMAZING thing about using Boom Cards™ is that you can send a fast play link home right after you are done with your session and they can continue to “play” the game at home for some awesome carryover!  (See my blog post regarding Boom Cards™ and using the fast play link click here).  Boom Cards™ are one of my top recommendations for speech therapy for children when working on an online platform.  These can work for speech therapy – early intervention or speech therapy – elementary level and beyond!

Distance Learning Preschool
Boom Card™ Book Companion

3.  If your student is having trouble paying attention to the Boom Card™, you can also prep and send home some printed book companion activities and coach the parent to use them to increase engagement.  For example, I printed some basic vocabulary pictures to go with the book Turkey Trouble for one of my students.  The child’s mom and I worked together to use them while listening to the story together.  I would pause the story, say “what is it?” and mom prompted her daughter to point to, hold up or give her the correct picture (cow, sheep, turkey, horse, etc).  Then, I was able to coach her on different ways to use these at home speech therapy pictures to improve receptive and expressive vocabulary.  Win-Win! 💙

Distance Learning Speech Therapy
Free Turkey Trouble Vocabulary Cards

Check out the links below to find the story and activities shown in this blog post, including your FREE set of Turkey Trouble Vocabulary Cards to use as one of your speech therapy activities!

Would love to hear your comments below! Is this helpful? What else would you like to see from me? Thank you for everything you do & for being a part of the Autism Little Learners Community 💛🍎

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