Object To Picture Matching – 5 DIY Steps

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Object to picture matching activities are so great for little learners! I know that my students are more interested in objects than pictures alone. Giving children something to touch and hold captures their interest, which is great.

Step 1 – Finding Objects To Use

I always get questions like “where do you find the objects?”. It makes me laugh because I’m kind of like a dumpster diver at work. I see random small toys and objects around my classroom and school and put them in a gallon baggie. I keep a stash to use for future object to picture matching activities. So, keep your eyes open for objects around your school (or home) to stash away for your own matching activities!

Step 2 – Use Google Images

The next step to make your own DIY object to picture matching activity is to pull up Google on your laptop. In the search window, type in the object you want and then type the word “clipart” after that. This way, you will get cartoon type images. Click on the word “images” to see pages of pictures to choose from. When you find one you like, right-click on it and choose “save image as”, and type in the title. Save it to your desktop for easy access. Click here for 5 FREE sets of pictures, datasheets, and covers to get you started. The bags I use can be found here.

Step 3 – Upload Images To An Editable PDF

Once you have all of your images saved to your desktop, click here to grab a free editable pdf. If you use this pdf, all of your flashcards will be the same size. It’s super easy! Open the pdf, click on a blank square and it will prompt you to choose an image. Make sure you are searching on your desktop, click the picture, and then click “okay”. Your picture is now in the pdf! Do this with all of your images for the object to picture matching activity.

Step 4 – Print And Laminate The Pictures

Next, print and laminate the pictures. Cut out the pictures, and you are almost ready! One thing you can do is develop several “sets”. Label them “Object To Picture Matching Set 1”, “Object To Picture Matching Set 2”, and so on. You can also make datasheets for each set if you’d like. Click here for an example.

Step 5 – Object To Picture Activity Is Ready To Use

Last step! You are now ready to use the object to picture matching activity! The best part is, you and your student can play with the objects and work the matching in, which is really fun. If you like this object to picture matching idea, be sure to check out how to make an activity like this using puzzles with missing pieces.

Here is a free set of Cocomelon character pictures that you can use for an object-to-picture match!

If you use visual supports, be sure to sign up for this free Visual Supports Starter Set.

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