Object To Picture Matching Game Using Puzzle Pieces


Puzzles with missing pieces can be so frustrating. Do you throw the whole puzzle away? Do you keep it with the hope that the piece(s) will turn up? I’ve got a solution for you. Create an object to picture matching game using the remaining puzzle pieces.

Create The Pictures

The first thing you will want to do is go to Google Images and type in the name of what is on each remaining puzzle piece. Many times, real pictures show up. If you want clipart or cartoon-type image, add the word “clipart” to your search. For example “dog clipart”. Once you find the image you want to use, save it to your desktop. Add each image to a PowerPoint to re-size them to the size you need. You can also use this free editable template with two different sizes that I created for you.

Print And Laminate

Next up, print the pictures. Decide if you want to glue them to a file folder or keep the cards loose. Next, laminate the file folder and/or pictures cards. If you aren’t able to laminate at school, or if you are a parent, the Amazon Basics Laminator is inexpensive and reliable.

Object To Picture Matching Game Is Ready To Go

Now that you have the pictures (on a file folder or as separate cards), the activity is ready! Store the set in a gallon Ziploc bag or one of these zipper pouches. An object to picture matching game is a great activity for young children with autism who are working on their matching skills. Sometimes we forget that matching activities don’t have to be picture to picture. You can provide activities for object to object matching, object to picture matching, and picture to picture matching.

If you use visual supports, be sure to sign up for this free Visual Supports Starter Set.

pictures of visual supports to use with young children with autism
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