Nose Picking Story


This free nose picking story helps children learn about using a tissue instead of picking their nose. The pictures provide visual supports to assist in showing the child what to do. I’ve had so many requests for this story, that I felt like it was time to put a simple version together for you!

Carol Gray developed “social stories” in 1990. Her work as a pioneer in the field of autism is highly respected. To read more, learn about her resources, or sign up for a training, click here.

child with his finger in his nose and a story titled "picking my nose"

Get this free Nose Picking Story here.

Click here to look at the free Autism Little Learners Social Story Library.

Be sure to grab up the free Autism Little Learners Visual Supports Starter Set by clicking here!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. Thank you for the nose picking story! It’s very timely for one of my students. When I printed it out the germs are black squares. Is there a certain way I need to print this so they don’t appear as black?

    1. Hi there!

      Sometimes that happens when you don’t fully download a pdf first. So instead of clicking the link, and printing right when it pops up, be sure to download to your desktop. Then, re-open it and print!