Keeping Clothes On Story

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story about keeping clothes on for children with autism

This free Keeping Clothes On story is a tool to help you at home or school. Some children with autism and other disabilities, do not yet understand the concept of keeping clothes on at school. Maybe they have sensory differences, and clothes are uncomfortable. Many times, their bodies are dysregulated.

It is important to meet as a team to try to determine WHY the undressing is happening. The team should talk about doing a functional behavior assessment (FBA) to figure out where, when, and why the child is taking off their clothing. This “Keeping Clothes On” story is a piece of addressing this but is not typically a stand-alone fix.

Click here for the boy version, and here for the girl version.

Read more about self-regulation, and talk to your occupational therapist for more ideas to support your students. Using a visual support to help your student express their feelings can also be helpful with self-regulation.

Did you know that I have a social story library on this website?! It’s always free! You can find stories for home, school, and the community. You may think social stories are only for school, but they aren’t! Social stories are an evidence-based intervention for individuals with autism. This means that research shows that social stories work!

Carol Gray developed “social stories” in 1990. Her work as a pioneer in the field of autism is highly respected. To read more, learn about her resources, or sign up for a training, click here.

Be sure to grab up the free Autism Little Learners Visual Supports Starter Set by clicking here!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. We have utilized so many of the social stories here at Empower. I love them!
    The interactive ones have been a great success, providing the visual/tactile aids.
    Thank you for all you do!