Interactive Visual Books – How To Assemble!


These Interactive Visual Books have been like gold in my early childhood special education classroom! My students have become more engaged during group time and the books have been a great connection to home when sent home for parents and students to read and interact with together. After our theme unit is finished, I send these books home with students for a couple of days. The feedback from families has been phenomenal!

There are so many skills you can work on:  receptive and expressive vocabulary, increasing sentence length and beginning literacy skills.  Since I teach little learners (3-5 year old), it has been so nice to have a literacy resource that is predictable, repetitive and at a beginning level.  I. LOVE. USING. THESE!

Below is a quick tutorial for how to assemble these books:

1.  Print & laminate all pages.  Make sure to cut out the last page of the story as shown (larger page).  Cut all the other pages out individually.  Put hard sided Velcro on top of the pictures on the larger last page and in each square on the individual pages.

2.  Put the pages in order and bind the book.  If you don’t have a binder, you can use inexpensive rings to keep the book together.


3.  Cut out all of the little pictures and put soft Velcro on the back.  Put them on top of the matching pictures in the book.

4.  The interactive visual book is ready to use!

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