Going To The Doctor Social Story

a short children's story titled "Going To The Doctor to prepare children for a visit to the doctors office

This free “Going To The Doctor” social story will help you prepare your child for a visit to the doctor. A doctor visit is sometimes scary and increases anxiety for children with autism. This is because it is unfamiliar. Autistic children thrive on routine and consistency. Going to a new place, or somewhere they don’t go often is something different. It is so important to prepare them for this change. Social stories are a great way to help prepare your child! They give information about what is going to happen and can be read several times before the appointment. Bring the story with you to and review each step as you go through it.

Be sure to bring some favorite snacks and toys to help during times you have to wait. Waiting is so hard! Another idea for waiting is to bring a busy bag. A busy bag can be a small bag with a variety of small toys and objects in it. It should be novel, meaning that your child doesn’t play with it during a typical day. That way, it is exciting and captures their interest.

The Going To The Doctor social story can be combined with a portable visual schedule. A visual schedule can show a bigger overview of what is going to happen. For example, pictures of car, clinic, doctor, car, ice cream, home. Many times, seeing what is coming next can help the child get through the new event. You can also use a play doctor’s set to practice on each other and on stuffed animals at home.

Download the Free Going To The Doctor Story here.

If your child needs to get a vaccination during the visit, this social story about getting a shot will help. Remember that preparation is key! If you think social stories help your child, you can see a full list of the free Autism Little Learners stories here.

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a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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