Getting a haircut during COVID-19 Story

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I went to the salon and got my hair cut last week.  It was sure a different experience than usual!  We both wore masks.  Everyone in the salon was wearing masks.  It felt surreal.  Imagine how children might feel.  This story can be read to little ones to prepare them for a haircut during this time of COVID-19.

Getting My Hair Cut During COVID Story

Getting My Hair Cut During COVID in French

Getting My Hair Cut During COVID in Turkish

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  1. as a teacher ,these social stories are big help to illustrate our current situation to children.thank you

  2. Do you perhaps have the Afrikaans version of "Getting my hair cut during Covid-19" please? These social stories are so awesome to use in school and at home. Thank you!

  3. I love your story. I tried to print it out but it came out as two pages on a page. Is it possible to format it so it will be like a book with one page on each page?

  4. Do you have the getting a haircut story without the masks / covid ? Now that we’ve all pretty much have gone back to normal I would love to have one for my boy without the masks ? Thanks so much . Willing to pay for it too.