Getting A COVID Test Story

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Getting a swab put up their nose can cause a lot of anxiety in children, and a story can help!  COVID cases continue to rise around the United States (and word) due to variants that are circulating.  This social story about getting a COVID testing can help.  Many more children are getting tested.  Prepare them using this free story.  Practice on stuffed animals by using the adaptation of this story (see below).  This article by Romper gives you some additional ideas and information for helping children through a COVID test.

pictures of a short book for children about getting a covid test using a swab in the nose

CLICK HERE for free “Getting A COVID Test Done” story.

This cute adaptation of the COVID test story was created by Bridget Laske, a special education teacher in New York City.  It’s adorable and perfect for children to get some “practice” with their stuffed animals.

a little boy looking at a picture of a teddy bear getting a nasal swab covid test

Click here for the teddy bear COVID test story

Some other helpful free COVID related stories include: getting a shot, wearing a mask, why do I need to quarantine, coughing and sneezing, and getting my temperature taken.

For all COVID related stories, check out the free social story library here.

Be sure to grab the free Visual Supports Starter Set while you are on the Autism Little Learners website!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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