FREE Toileting Sequence For Autism

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Have you been searching for a  free toileting sequence for your child or student with autism?  A potty training chart that shoes each step of the sequence?  I was too! I couldn’t find what I was looking for because I needed it to show more details than just a child sitting on a toilet.  I want the steps laid out clearly.   I needed pictures of pants down, underwear down, along with a picture of pee and poop in the toilet. So, I reached out to Victoria Saied and we worked together to make some custom clipart for the toileting routine. This free toileting sequence for children with autism is easy to print and put up in the bathroom right away!  It will also work with typically developing children or children with other special needs.  This potty training chart includes two girl toileting sequences and two boy toileting sequences. 

pictures of the steps to potty training for children with autism and other special needs

If you are looking for a more in-depth resource for toileting training, this big toilet training bundle is just what you need!  It includes tons of visual supports, as well as social stories.

visual supports for toilet training and autism

Download the free Toilet Training Guide to take the first steps on the potty journey! Also, be sure to listen to the 3 part potty training series on the Autism Little Learners Podcast.

I also have several blog posts that you can read to learn more about autism and potty training.

They are titled, “Autism And Toileting Made Easier:  3 Tips For Success“, “Toilet Training Using Social Stories For Young Learners With Autism“, “Toilet Training & Autism: 5 Tips For Success” and “Autism And Potty Training Issues: 3 Reasons You May Be Hitting A Roadblock“.

This Facebook Live Mini-Training titled “Autism & Toilet Training:  Tips for Success” might also be helpful to you with regards to potty training!  If you like this and need even MORE visual supports and books for potty training, don’t forget to check out this best-selling resource:  Toilet Training Young Autistic Children.

Keep checking back for new potty training resources for young children with autism.

Also, the new Visual Supports Starter Set is free. Just follow the link, sign up, and I will send it to your inbox!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these social stories for free! Do you perhaps have the "Toileting sequence" in Afrikaans please?

  2. Dear Tara, thanks a lot for your Homepage, your creativity and experience, and most of all thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

    On the basis of your toilette sequence, I made a personal sequence (with 22 pictures) for the animal toy of my son. Now my son explains his animal how to use the toilette what is great fun for both of us and hopefully has some positive impact on my son as well. I made all the instructions in German. On top of the sequence, I put a picture of the animal (so that even in the case that we forget got hide the sequence when we have guests, it is very clear, that the sequence is for the animal) and I put a picture of our home on top as well. So in this way it is clear, that in the case that we have a different sequence for school, which one is which.

    I would like to give something back to you and would like to share it with you, but I added a lot of clip arts from the internet, for which I of course do not have any copyrights or anything.

    I would NEVER have believed that these pictures make the process so much better understandable to my son. Thank you for your example, which made me try this visual support. It took me several nights to make it what it is now, but I believe it is worth it and I would like to encourage all parents who are not sure, if these pictures really can help their child to better understand: yes, they can and yes, give it a try.


  3. Do you have anything to remind a child to go potty several times a day? I’m looking for something to remind my son to pee, in morning, at night and after meals.