Free Self Regulation Chart

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Are you looking for a free self regulation chart for your student or child with autism?  Self-regulation is such an important skill.  It lays the foundation for everything else.  If a child’s body is dysregluated, they have a difficult time attending to other activities or tasks at home and school.  A simple way to start is by using this self regulation chart.  It will help you teach children to identify how they are feeling.  It also shows some strategies they can choose to help them feel better.  A visual chart works very well with children who are non-speaking.  It gives them a way to communicate when they are stressed.  It is also helpful for children who are speaking, but have difficulty accesssing their language when they are under stress.

free self regulation chart with visual choices for autistic children

To learn more about easy ways to support self regulation of emotions, click here.    Check out this free social story title “How To Calm My Body”.
If a free training is more up your alley, watch this free mini-training from Tara.

Also, the new Visual Supports Starter Set is another free resource that you will love! Just follow the link, sign up, and I will email it to you!
a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. I was really hoping to download your Self Regulation for little learners resource but all that is there is the main page and not the little PEC pieces that attach to the chart.
    Thank you for providing these free resources for us to download,as an EA I greatly appreciate it!