Fancy Like – That Song Matt Loves!

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What’s the story behind Fancy Like – that song Matt loves?! I’ve known Matt since he was in first grade. He’s always been a fun-loving and charismatic guy. Matt may face some challenges in life, but his exuberance and zest for life are what stand out most.

How It Started

For the past year, Walker Haye’s song Fancy Like has created so much joy for both Matt and me. Let me tell you the story!

I don’t even know exactly how it started, but Matt and I started talking about the song Fancy Like because it is such a fun song. Matt started going to Applebees to have a Bourbon Street Steak and an oreo shake because of the song lyrics. So, my fiance, Jason, and I have met up with Matt a few times at Applebees for dinner. We always get the oreo shake for dessert. Then, we go out to Jason’s truck and listen to (and badly sing) the song Fancy Like together.

The Viral Video

In March of 2022, Jason and I met Matt at Applebees to celebrate Matt’s birthday. We bought him a “Fancy Like” t-shirt. I knew he was going to be excited, so I took a video of him opening it. His excitement far surpassed my expectations! Fancy Like -that song that he loves, just made him the happiest guy on earth, yet again! I also posted the video on Instagram.

A few weeks later, Walker Hayes reposted the video on his Instagram and on his Facebook! Matt was already over the moon, and then we found out that ENews reposted it in April.

The Meet & Greet News

Fast forward to April 22nd, and I received a DM from Applebees. They said, “We loved hearing this story and Matt is lucky to have a teacher like you! We’re excited to offer you and Matt a meet and greet with Walker Hayes while you are at his show in July”.

I knew I had to tell Matt in person. I had already put together a little book with the main Fancy Like lyrics but hadn’t given it to him yet. So, I added 2 more pages. Those pages were meant to be a surprise to let him know that he was going to meet Walker Hayes in July. His reaction had me, and the server Raven, in tears. The manager Joe, and my fiance Jason also watched and were moved by Matt’s reaction. This video shows Matt’s reaction to getting the meet and greet news!

Stay tuned for an update in July of 2022! I can’t wait to see his face when he meets Walker Hayes!

Click here for the free little Fancy Like booklet.

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