Fall Hybrid & Distance Learning Activities for Preschool Special Education & Speech Therapy

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If you are like me, you are excited, nervous, overwhelmed and ready to get prepared for the upcoming school year. It is sure to be a year like no other! We’ve. Got. This. We are resilient, creative and are able to adapt to anything! This year, more than any other year, we need to lean on each other and support each other. I’m so thankful that we can all connect as a global society, no matter where we are. Hearing from educators around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic has been an amazing thing. We are ALL dealing with the same struggles and the same triumphs as we navigate through this.

I’ve been sharing several free social stories with all of you, in order to help the back to school process as much as possible. Now, I want to share a resource for hybrid learning that I have been working very hard on. It can be used for in-person instruction and can be sent home digitally (or printed for an at-home learning binder). I’ve also included something unique…most of the activities have cute little screenshots included so you can quickly upload them for distance learning. They could be texted to parents, sent home via Seesaw or other digital platforms. I’m SO excited to have this prepped and ready to go to use with my students and families. This resource is 100 pages and addresses many, many skills that early childhood special education teachers and speech/language pathologists work on together. Check out all of the skills addressed in the “Fall Hybrid & Distance Learning for Preschool Special Education & Speech Therapy” resource ($20.00 on Teachers Pay Teachers):

1. Vocabulary – 18 different fall vocabulary pictures for receptive and expressive language

2. Verbs- 12 different present progressive fall verb pictures for receptive and expressive language

3. Following directions- 5 fall picture scenes with 6 one step directions for each scene

4. WH questions – 5 fall pictures scenes with 9 WH questions for each scene

5. Negation – 5 fall themed cards with 6 pictures on each card and the direction “touch the ones that are NOT ______”

6. Prepositions – 2 pages with the following prepositions: in, on, under, next to, in front and behind. There is also a page with the picture of a wagon to cut out and also an acorn, squirrel and football to cut out and practice putting in the correct location

7. Letters – Fall themed upper case letters on “matching mats” with 5-6 letters per page. There are also 2 pages of “magnetic type letters” that can be cut out and used to match to the fall letters. There are also 2 pages of fall letters A-Z for identifying and labeling letters

8. Numbers – One page of fall themed numbers (0-10) and another page of “magnetic type numbers” to match to the fall themed numbers

9. Colors- 3 pages of fall themed color pictures (acorns, leaves, and apples). There are also color matching mats with 11 different colors to match the fall color pictures to. They can both be used for identification and labeling of colors

10. Shapes – 4 pages of fall themed shapes (apples and leaves), as well as 3 shape matching mats to use to match the fall themed shapes to (cut them out and match)

11. Emotions – 4 pages of fall themed emotions (sunflowers, leaves, acorns and footballs) depicting 6 basic emotions: happy, sad, mad, surprised, scared, and worried

12. Sizes – Identify, label or sort the sizes: big, medium little in fall themed pictures

13. Categories – Sort fall themed pictures into 4 categories (food, animals, people and leaves)

* Every one of these 13 skills has a direction page for parents and/or paraprofessionals with cues to teach the skill and ways to extend the skill

* This resource also includes helpful visual supports for distance learning (a social story, a visual calendar and a first-then board with pictures for “learning time” and rewards. There are also directions for parents for how to use these visual supports at home. “Change cards” are also included to use with the visual supports

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