COVID Social Stories For School

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The 2021-2022 school year has either started back up already or will be starting up shortly, depending on which state you live in. We all had high hopes that this school year would be “back to normal”, or at least close to normal. However, it looks like COVID, and the Delta variant has different plans. No matter how you feel about wearing masks, or their effectiveness, the fact is that many school districts are requiring them for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. It is important to support and prepare our autistic students, as well as children with other special needs. Autism Little Learner’s free COVID social stories for school can help do just that.

Social stories are an evidence-based intervention for individuals with autism. This means that research shows that social stories work!

This blog post contains quick links to stories that seem to be most relevant as we head back into schools over the next month or so.

For the full list of all of the Autism Little Learners COVID-related social stories for school, click here. In addition, you can find all of the free social stories from Autism Little Learners in the Social Story Library.

To read more about how to write a social story, check out this article from Autism Parenting Magazine!

List COVID School Stories

  1. This first story is simply about wearing a mask at school. It is meant to support children, parents, and educators in helping children with autism wear masks, when possible.
Picture of three pages from a story about children wearing a mask at school.

2. The second story is to help children with autism prepare for riding the bus. Most school districts around the United States do require masks on the school bus. I revamped this story to keep it simple and only about masks. The previous bus story discussed sanitizer and temperature checks. That one is still in the COVID-19 social story library.

Images of a social story about wearing a mask on the bus, and visual cue cards showing children the steps.

3. This story about going back to school is from last fall, but much of it remains relevant this year. The pages are not numbered so that you can pick and choose which pages are right for your school.

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