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Are You Feeling Stressed?

The Autism Little Learners is right for you if you say yes to any of the following questions. Are You A Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Or Discouraged Special Educator Of Young Autistic Children? I’ve got good news for you. There IS a path to feeling supported and reclaiming your love of teaching.

The work you do is so important and is transforming lives. The first step is to come join me in the Autism Little Learners Membership. I’ll help you create systems in your classroom that will move you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and more peaceful.

The Autism Little Learners Membership Helps Make Your Life Easier!

The Autism Little Learners Membership can get you back on track with a new framework, resources, trainings, and supportive community that will help you tackle whatever comes your way.

Do you wish that your classroom had:

⭐️ systems that foster engagement

⭐️ neuro-diversity affirming approaches

⭐️ a focus on regulation and positive relationships

These ARE possible in a classroom setting. They just require more organization, planning, and training of support staff than in a 1:1 therapy type setting. I’ll help you with those!

Implement Consistent Systems That Foster Active Engagement!

I’ve been where you are with a classroom that sometimes feels out of control. It seems like there is no possible way to meet each of your student’s needs. There are things you can’t control, like how many students are placed in your classroom or not having enough paraprofessionals. But, it is possible to work on building connections and increasing engagement despite those barriers!

By implementing consistent systems, a less chaotic classroom is possible. This will help you get back to what you love most. Teaching kids! The Autism Little Learners Membership is perfect for:

✅ special education teachers

✅ speech/language pathologists

✅ related service providers

✅ parents or caregivers

The Autism Little Learners Membership has 4 foundational elements that will guide you in creating a classroom or home that meets each child’s unique needs. The elements are: regulate, connect, routines, and teach. Those 4 elements will provide you with a roadmap showing you where to start and lead you to what’s next with each child.

What Are The 4 Foundational Elements In The Membership?

The strategies you learn will ensure that you can meet your students where they are at. The foundational elements lead to a compassionate approach that will reduce resistance and increase active engagement.

🧘‍♂️ Regulate: Regulation involves helping children recognize and manage their emotions. You will learn about co-regulation and self-regulation.

🤗 Connect: Connection focuses on building positive relationships by following the child’s lead and learning about the things they are passionate about.

🔄 Routines: Creating predictable routines and structure will help autistic children develop independence.

📚 Teach: Learning effective teaching strategies for young autistic children is a must. It’s not just what you teach, but how you teach it. This creates active engagement with your students!

All Of This Reduces Stress And Increases Engagement

  • By using a neurodiversity-affirming approach in the classroom, you will not only reduce YOUR stress but will also lessen the child’s stress level. This opens the doors to meaningful learning!
  • When you identify each child’s sensory needs, you will be able to support those needs through co-regulation and self-regulation.
  • Building a positive relationship with all students (even those hard to reach students) will pay off tenfold. I will share ideas for how to do that!
  • Creating predictable routines and systems in the classroom will not only foster independence but will also increase active engagement.
  • Once you’ve focused on regulation, connection, and routines, you can move on to building “skills”.
  • Teaching skills is not only about the specific skill you are teaching but also about HOW you are teaching.
  • Instead of not knowing where to start, you will walk away with ideas that feel doable in a busy preschool special education classroom setting.

What Do I Get In The Autism Little Learners Membership?

⭐ Immediate access to hundreds of downloadable resources and a new product is added to the membership hub every month so that you will have relevant activities at the RIGHT LEVEL for your students or child!

⭐ Instant access to dozens of on-demand video trainings on a variety of topics and a new video training is added to the membership hub every month so that you can earn continuing credit for training that actually pertains to you and your position!

⭐ You will get access to a private, members-only Facebook Group. Inside of this group is a wonderful community of educators and parents who are ready to help you! This is important because we are BETTER TOGETHER! You don’t have to do this alone.

⭐ You will be able to download one-page handouts on a variety of topics. A new handout will be added to the membership hub each month. This will help allow you to quickly and easily train support staff or use them to send home to parents!

Office hours & FB Lives where you can ask questions and further your learning on strategies and activities that will really move things forward in your classroom or home.

Optional affordable graduate credit available to help you move up on the teacher pay scale for trainings that are relevant to you and for the time you are already spending prepping materials and activities ($99 per graduate credit – no extra work). Because…who doesn’t want to earn credits for what you are already doing?!

Click here to join the Autism Little Learners Membership or get on the waitlist!

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