At Home Speech Therapy Picture Scenes Set 2

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Hello friends!

I put together a second set of the At Home Speech Therapy Picture Scenes.  These are great for distance learning because there are prompts for parents for eliciting language.  The cues include both receptive and expressive language , such as:  vocabulary, two step directions, negation, WH questions and verbs.  This resource is FREE for any educators, speech/language pathologist or parents who could use them.

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  1. Wow!!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful content!!! I appreciate the content and appreciate you for sharing.

    Thank you,
    Sheila Hensley

  2. You are truly a life saver! Sorry, I know it's more work, but I would love to have these therapy scenes in Spanish. I thought a parent would be able to use it at home. It would be a wonderful guide for her.