All Done Wearing Masks Story

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The All Done Wearing Masks story will help children make the shift from wearing a mask to not wearing a mask. For some of our autistic students, wearing a mask has become part of their routine at school. It can be difficult to change routines. This free short story will provide information to assist children with this change. I hope the All Done Wearing Masks story will be another tool to add to your toolbox!

Click here for this free story.

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Carol Gray developed “social stories” in 1990. Her work as a pioneer in the field of autism is highly respected. To read more, learn about her resources, or sign up for a training, click here.

Be sure to grab up the free Autism Little Learners Visual Supports Starter Set by clicking here!

a photo showing several visual supports for young children with autism

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  1. Can you make a story for some “Some teachers will wear masks and some wont – and it’s up to parents if kids will wear masks”

  2. LOVE your social stories!! Any chance you have ones about following directions and listening to teachers!?